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Digit Midrand is a distributor for a leading South African manufacturer of a proudly South African product, the DIGIT. This vehicle tracking device is certainly an industry leader, with overall costs being well below any opposition products, this is a truly worthwhile investment for people wanting to effectively manage their vehicles, reduce operating costs and save enormous time and money sieving through trip detail reports.

At Digit Midrand we pride ourselves in getting the job done the first time. We have a dedicated team that makes you feel like family with reliable support and answers to any questions you have regarding personalising the Digit system to fit your specific needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote and get your fleet operating much cheaper and more effectively!


One software application can support up to 1000 vehicles and allows you to have a complete history of all trips undertaken and live track your vehicles at any time. The digit software is designed to use minimal amounts of data when downloading. All information is quickly downloaded to your computer giving you a full electronic Log Book and cost analysis data for SARS or your employer. Our software allows you to assign location names to all your frequently visited locations, differentiate between business trips, private trips or holiday trips. You can run your own expense report on your vehicles and know how much each vehicle is costing per kilometre. The software allows you to generate and print any report required on any vehicle e.g. Speed Report, Usage Report, and Expense Report etc.

With the DIGIT software you are able to set up server alarms where you will be notified via email or sms when a vehicle enters or leaves a certain location. The software monitors vehicle and driver licence expiry dates and can warn you when a licence is due for renewal. It can also alert you when a vehicle is due for a service, based on mileage or hours. With the DIGIT software you are able to plot any trip undertaken by the vehicle and see the direction in which it was moving, the speed and geographical location at any given point on a trip.

Live tracking is the key to your businesses operational safety, efficiency and service offering. The Digit will constantly confirm how old the data is, making you 100% sure that you are viewing real time positions. With the Digit software while live tracking one can view multiple vehicles and be notified of them leaving or entering predefined zones via on-screen alerts or email.


The DIGIT tracking device is the smallest and by far the most advanced tracking device on the market today. The device is 100% South African designed and manufactured.

Not only can the Digit device track your car to with 5 meters of accuracy, it also monitors: - Driver Identification - Vehicle Speed - Distances travelled - Geographical Location - Acceleration and Braking values - Temperature - Hydraulic / Winch Activation - Battery Voltage and disconnection The Digit device can send you early warning messages via sms or email when your vehicle alarm goes off, when your vehicle battery has been disconnected, if the vehicle enters a “No-Go Zone” or exceeds a set speed limit.

The DIGIT is a fully accredited tracking device and is accepted by all the prominent insurance companies.

Installations & support


At Digit Midrand we pride ourselves in doing a 100% professional installation. We test the device before leaving your premises to ensure proper functionality. When it comes to the interior of a vehicle, one needs to know how to go about dismantling without damaging any part of the vehicle. The reason you will choose this system is for the safeguarding of your vehicle, so leave it in our very capable hands to do the best job possible.


Product Features

Fuel Monitoring


Digit lite


Engine Immobilising


Driver Identification


Temp Monitoring


Engine Monitoring

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